May 9th – Victory Day

Order of VictoryToday is Victory Day for much of Europe – celebrating the end of World War II. My father-in-law, who turns 90 on June 25th, is a decorated veteran of the Soviet Red Army. Twice wounded, the second of which took him out of action before his unit reached Berlin, he was assigned to an artillery unit of the 1st Ukrainian Front under the command of the legendary Marshal Georgy Zhukov. For the Red Army, the cost of victory was immense.

Victory Day is a big deal in Russia – kind of like our Independence Day. Surviving veterans are treated with honor as “Heroes of the Soviet Union.” Being a huge fan of WWII history, it was particularly fascinating to hear my father-in-law’s war stories.

Congratulations Konstantin Nikoliavich Panteleeyev!


One Response to “May 9th – Victory Day”

  1. Charlie Says:

    Don’t worry….we’ll start doing the same thing the year following the death of the last WW II veteran.

    I wish this country would catch on that it’s okay (and desirable) to honor the living, as well, especially concerning the generation that really did save the world.

    My grandfather was in 82nd Airborne and ended up going home on a hospital ship after a parachute jump gone wrong.

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