Moron of the Day: Noodle’s employee who works in a “dictatorship”

Here’s a restaurant employee who believes he’s working in a “dictatorship” because they’re told what to cook, how to cook it, and when to show up for work. As if all this wasn’t supposed to be a factor of what & when customers are ordering (story here from

Over at YouTube, quietsong56 (the auteur also behind “Ice Cream ATTACK!”) has posted this incredible video with an employee of Noodles, a restaurant that is “basically a dictatorship” in that the boss tells the cooks what to make, how to make it, etc.

Taking a slightly longer view, Noodles, like most restaurants, may actually be more accurately called a dictatorship of the proletariat, in that customers dictate what food gets cooked and how it is prepared.

It’s confusing stuff and given that this video emanates from the recent “new tone” uprisings in Wisconsin, we owe the Badger State for clarifying things that have gone unsaid for way too long.

After watching this, do you get the impression that there is absolutely nothing between this guy’s ears but empty space – an echo chamber? This space alien is the perfect example of what elected our dear comrade leader.


2 Responses to “Moron of the Day: Noodle’s employee who works in a “dictatorship””

  1. A. Based on his opening statement, he can at least read.
    B. No candidate for employee of the month here.
    C. Let’s hope he never gets a skull fracture. I don’t know if the surrounding 50 square miles could survive the suction.

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