Moron of the Day: Jerk arrested for jerking off in Sonic Drive-Thru lane

I suppose if you wanted to get the attention of some cute female Sonic employee, this is one way to do it (story here from TSG) – but probably not the best way.

An Oklahoma man who stood masturbating in the drive-thru lane at a Sonic restaurant has been arrested for his lewd eight-minute display, which transpired in full view of a female worker and a surveillance camera.

Kevin Ferrier, 19, was collared yesterday for indecent exposure after video of his alleged March 2 performance outside the eatery was released by Tulsa cops and broadcast by local news stations.

The employee who watched this moronic performance is, of course, “traumatized” (more here). Shotgun lawsuit in 3…2…1…

Tulsa police say the man was spotted urinating in the parking lot at an East Tulsa Sonic and the employee says what happened in the drive-thru was traumatizing.

This isn’t any ordinary customer walking up to a Sonic drive-thru window.

“I was cleaning and all the sudden I felt like someone was staring at me and I happened to see a glare because there is a glare on the window at work and I looked up and there was a random dude out there just. It was awful,” says the employee.

The video surveillance shows the man was out there in the open and touching himself.

“It was disgusting and I really felt violated,” says the employee.

She had no idea during the eight minutes he was doing this he was watching her inside the restaurant.

“He was watching me there is no doubt in my mind,” says the employee.

The employee creeped out, she alerted her manager.

In a sick case of irony, the man’s shirt spells “VURT”. Don’t know if it is short for pervert but the employee says that would be right on target for this guy.

“I was just in shock like ‘oh my gosh’ and it scared me and I am still scared,” says the employee. “I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. Ever. It’s traumatizing,” says the employee.

OK, this guy is a creep and a moron but a couple of questions come to mind:

  • The employee stood there and watched this guy for eight minutes and did nothing about it?
  • Why didn’t someone call the cops?
  • What if this nutball pulled a gun out of his shorts instead of his Willie Johnson?

Who’s the moron here?


One Response to “Moron of the Day: Jerk arrested for jerking off in Sonic Drive-Thru lane”

  1. Oh the poor thing musta bin REALLY traumatized !!! … She even stated she uttered the phrase ‘ OH , MY GOSH !!! ” … ROTFL !!!! … And through ‘ a glare in the window ‘ … CONTINUED STARING FOR EIGHT MINUTES ! ‘ … She felt ‘ violated !!!? …

    Methinks Ma and Pa know a lawyer !!! …

    I also think this 19 year old has had a wonderful time telling this story to all her mid pubescent girlfriends and they’re all havin’ a good gigglefest !!! …

    OH … BUT THE TRAUMA !!! …

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