Bizarre stories of the day

Here are a couple of odd stories that caught my attention:

Revenge: Man urinates in ex-girlfriend’s food

This guy’s girlfriend kicks him to the curb after a stormy 4 year relationship. Seeking revenge and lacking imagination, he sneaks into her apartment and pees into several items in her refrigerator. This is not particularly bizarre but his lawyer provided the punchline:

Defense attorney David Dodge said there is no direct evidence that what Bloem did was intended to harm. He wants to put Spectrum Health toxicologist Ben Kuslikis on the stand, who Dodge says would testify no harm comes from drinking urine and, in some cultures, urine drinking is common and considered healthful.

Hey, that’s what lawyers are for – right?

Fatal stabbing blamed on fart jokes

The next time you start razzing someone about their farting, you might want to keep this story in mind.

A Connecticut man is being held on murder and assault charges after allegedly stabbing four people, one fatally, because partygoers were making fun of his flatulence. Police say Marc Higgins, 21, left a party Saturday and returned with three knives, stabbing people indiscriminately, according to court documents released on Tuesday.

The Hartford Courant, quoting those documents, reported that Higgins told police he was angry at being derided and wanted to teach people that they shouldn’t trifle with him.

Higgins appeared in court on Tuesday. He is charged with murder, assault and carrying a dangerous weapon and was ordered held in lieu of $2 million bond.

I would say that this guy has an anger management problem…


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