Bottoms Up beer dispenser – WOW!

This new beer dispenser is awesome. If you’ve ever waited in line for an over priced beer at a stadium only to get mostly foam, you’ll appreciate this little beauty (story here).

“Grin On Industries” (Motto: “Keep Your Grin On.” I’m serious.) has developed the “Bottoms Up” draft beer dispensing system, “the fastest dispensing system in the world,” the Bottoms Up machine “fills [cups] at a rate of up to nine times that of traditional beer taps.”

As you can see from the video, it also seems to reduce the overall foaminess of your beer. If you’ve ever been poured a Budweiser at a baseball game by a hurried person who doesn’t want to be there, you know how huge this is.

A perfect pour every time hands free. This is an awesome invention.

I want one!


One Response to “Bottoms Up beer dispenser – WOW!”

  1. ME TOO !!! … As I have a mini keg of Heinekin scheduled for opening in the very near future !!! I’ve been told the first few pours are pretty foamy !!! …

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