Yodeling offends muslims? Yodel-ay-hee-hooooo!

Let’s face it, you would be hard pressed to find something that doesn’t offend muslims – except, of course, beheadings, car bombs, AK-47s, porn, and camel dung. In general our (infidels) very existence is offensive to muslims. So I guess it’s no surprise to hear that they are offended by yodeling – that’s right, yodeling (story here). YODEL-AY-HEE-HOOOOOO!

It seems as though in Austria, the popular yodel is an insult to Muslims.

An Austrian court has recently fined a citizen for yodeling while mowing his lawn, according to a report in The Kronen Zeitung newspaper.

The citizen, 63-year-old Helmut G., was told by the court that his yodeling offended his next-door Muslim neighbors, who accused him of trying to mock and imitate the call of the Muezzin.

In Muslim tradition, the Muezzin is the chosen person at a mosque who leads the call to prayer at Friday services and the five daily times for prayer from one of the mosque’s minarets.

The yodel is a song which is sung with an extended note which rapidly and repeatedly changes in pitch and makes a high-low-high-low sound. Developed in the Central Alps as a method of communication between alpine mountaineers or between alpine villages, the yodel later became part of the region’s traditional lore and musical expression. The technique is used in many cultures throughout the world and Austria is one of the countries where it is most popular.

Unfortunately for Helmut G., his neighbors were in the middle of a prayer when he started to yodel. The Kronen Zeitung reported that he was fined 800 Euros after judges ruled that he could have tried to offend his neighbors and ridicule their belief.

Helmut G. clarified that “It was not my intention to imitate or insult them. I simply started to yodel a few tunes because I was in such a good mood.”

Europe has a big problem. Unchecked immigration from muslim countries, a low birthrate for indigenous Europeans, and a high birthrate for muslims. All leading to situations like this – being fined for yodeling on your own property. When are these people going to wake up and take their countries back?

I guess they’ll be banning all those Ricola commercials too. SHEEESH!





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