Minn. Chipotle Restaurants fire illegal invaders

A Minnesota “immigration rights” group has its panties in a wad over what they describe as “mass firings” of “undocumented” workers at several Chipotle restaurants. At least 50 workers were let go in what was likely a response to an I-9 audit by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). An I-9 audit requires the employer to verify legal working status of all its employees. The employer can be fined for employing illegal workers. (Story here)

A Minnesota immigration rights group is protesting what it calls “mass firings” of Chipotle workers. According to the group, around 50 of the restaurant’s Latino workers have been fired in the last week.The Minnesota Immigration Rights Action Committeee (MIRAC), a local group that fights for the legalization of undocumented workers, says employees at local Chipotle stores came forward, saying they were fired over questions about their immigration status.

“We started to piece together there was something larger going on than a few people fired at one store,” said MIRAC member Brad Sigal. “It appears to be a statewide attack on immigrant worker who are longtime employees most of them been working there for years.”

Brad Sigal says his group confirmed that more than a dozen workers at the Chipotle store on Grand Avenue in St. Paul were let go, along with nearly dozen more at a Richfield Chipotle. He also heard from fired employees at locations in downtown Minneapolis (Skyway and Seven Corners), Golden Valley, Coon Rapids, Stillwater and Hudson, Wis.

Sigal says he suspects it’s the result of a federal immigration audit.

“It is an I-9 audit,” said Sigal. “They check the paperwork and fire anyone who can’t immediately prove they have the right to work. An action like this on a mass scale before the holidays is not consistent with the image they have cultivated.”

So, I guess according to this “activist,” Chipotle should just pay the fines ($1000 for each first offense) and keep the illegal workers. I suppose that would be consistent with the image they have cultivated.

I would suggest that this guy take a look at Mexican Immigration laws and policy where migrants not only can be fined and deported, but kidnapped and robbed as well (more here). They take a much sterner approach to border invaders.

The US takes in millions of immigrants every year legally. I can certainly understand that someone would want to escape Mexico for a better life but we have very specific laws about this. Simply crossing the border and asking for legal status doesn’t cut it. How can we have a sovereign nation if we can’t control who comes into the country?

Besides, I thought this whole immigration problem was caused by global warming Climate change


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