Illegal immigration caused by um, er, global warming – Huh? WTF?

Already cited as the cause of a wide variety of disasters from rising seas to disappearing glaciers and stranded polar bears, Climate Change (Global Warming, Climate Disruption, whatever) is now seen as the cause for um, er, illegal immigration (story here). Huh? WTF?

According to a new study in the “prestigious” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, they are leaving because of climate change! And the problem will only get worse, as more farms and water supplies dry up. By 2080, up to 6.7 million Mexican campesinos could be heading north, to escape droughts worse than anything since the Nature-driven Dust Bowl or Anasazi and Mayan desiccations.

(Have you ever noticed how all these absurd, alarmist reports come from “prestigious” researchers, institutions and journals – all of which have a huge financial stake in promoting climate chaos claims?)

And here I thought “frogs with extra heads” and “Italy being robbed of pasta,” as a result of man-made global warming, catastrophic climate change and global climate disruption was as insane as all this “prestigious research” could possibly get.

And we’ve been told all along that tens of thousands of Mexicans and other Central Americans illegally invading our southern border every day was caused by economic conditions – that these folks are only looking for employment. How naive we’ve been. Perhaps Climate Change is the root of all evils here.

Despite the Mexican Revolution (1910-1920), vast natural resources and bright, hard-working people, the host country for the Cancun climate summit remains impoverished. Wealth and power are still concentrated in relatively few powerful Mexican families.  Employment and economic opportunities are few.  The government is plagued with corruption.  The state-owned oil company Pemex cannot keep even its best fields operating efficiently.  Remittances from the US remain a major part of Mexico’s economy. Impoverished millions are deprived of access to energy and forced to eke out a bare living through backbreaking subsistence farming.

Far worse, the drug cartels are kidnapping, torturing and murdering with impunity. Sheriffs, soldiers and entire families are being gunned down. Drug-related violence has claimed more than 30,000 lives over the past four years. Entire towns are being vacated. And the slaughter has become more gruesome and appalling with every passing month – capped off by last week’s news that a FOURTEEN-YEAR-OLD BOY has admitted to a series of murders and beheadings for the Beltran Leyva Cartel.

Yeah right – all caused by Climate Change. Meanwhile 15,000 useless apparatchiks cavort on the beaches of Cancun, burying their heads in the sand at yet another worthless UN Climate Summit and Europe begins another winter of record cold and snow (more here and here).

head in sand

Anyone seen Algore?

Please make it stop!


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