Defiant Charlie Rangel censured – BFD

Poor Charlie. After “suffering” through a 2 year “investigation” by the oxymoronically-named House Ethics Committee, he was found guilty on 11 of 13 charges ranging from tax evasion to failure to disclose financial assets on House disclosure reports. After a 333-79 vote for censure, outgoing speaker Nancy Pelosi quickly read through the “you’ve been a bad boy, Charlie” censure resolution. While most inside-the-beltway denizens seem to think this was devastating for poor Charlie, the rest of us know that this amounted to nothing more than a wrist slap (story here from ABC News).

Veteran Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., today became the first U.S. House member in 27 years to be censured after a long trial that resulted in him being convicted on 11 counts of ethics violations.

The censure, the highest punishment short of expulsion, is reserved for serious offenses and requires the member in question to stand before his or her colleagues while a censure resolution is read.

An amendment reducing the punishment to reprimand prior to the final vote failed overwhelmingly.

After the wrist slapping a defiant Rangel “apologized,” then proceeded to claim that he wasn’t corrupt and that the whole process was unfair and “very political.” His buddies in the House chamber gave him a standing ovation. Poor Charlie – he took it like a man.

Not satisfied with his performance on the House floor, Rangel proceeded to lash out during a press conference immediately following (story here from the Washington Post).

The disgraced lawmaker, defiant even in his moment of shame, scolded his accusers for treating him worse than “those that in the past have done far more harm to the reputation of this body than I.”

Rangel then went downstairs to offer more defiance at a news conference. “I leave here knowing that everyone knows I’m an honest guy,” he proclaimed, accusing his colleagues of a “very, very, very political vote.” The freshly censured legislator even offered a suggestion for newspaper headlines: “Rangel found not guilty of corruption and self dealing.”

Rangel, who will probably tap his leftover campaign funds to pay for 17 years of tax avoidance, is not the biggest loser in this sordid tale. No, the biggest loser is the House of Representatives itself and the rest of congress. With a reputation that hovers just below that of used car salesmen, this affair only reinforces the general opinion that congress is a swamp full of corruptocrats. Don’t expect them to do anything to change this anytime soon. It sure would be nice to see old Charlie in a tar & feather suit, though.

Meanwhile out in Texas, a judge just sentenced a phone prankster to 5 years in the big house. That’s right, a phucking phone prankster. (story here)


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