Want a “party house?” Become a foreclosure squatter

In these times of financial strife, while many people are losing their homes to foreclosure, others are more than willing to take advantage of the situation. According to this story (from NBC LA) if you want to have a free “party house,” go ahead and just move into one that’s been abandoned due to foreclosure. It’s especially nice if you chose one of the many “MacMansions” available – you know, the $1M plus palaces.

In an upscale enclave in the San Fernando Valley, there’s a new neighbor on the block. He drives a big Mercedes, sometimes a fancy SUV and residents say he’s been living in a three-story mansion, which was empty and going into foreclosure.

His name is Dawud Walli, and neighbors say he moved into a huge empty home last July, furnishing nearly every room of the house.

“We feel unsafe. We can’t sleep. We have families,” say some of the residents who live nearby.

They say Walli made this a party house.

Inside, we found booze and condoms scattered about. But no one really knew what went on here, because some of the windows were covered with tape and garbage bags.

“They don’t want to make contact with the neighbors. They do not want to make eye contact with you. They do not talk to you,” says someone who lives nearby.

Prosecutors say this is happening across Southern California.

And when the cops went to check on neighbor’s complaints, they were presented with a fake lease. They shrugged and went away – Oh well…

“It’s just amazing how nervy they can be: presenting false leases,” says Rodriguez.

Police believe that’s what Walli did. When neighbors asked police to evict him, he showed the cops a lease, which says he was renting from the owner…

Authorities admit squatters usually get away with it, partly because they know how to work the system.

Yeah, because in this “system,” the authorities are too lazy to investigate. In this case, the neighbors and media did it for them.

But the residents in this community are now fed up with squatters. They tell us that this has happened five times in their neighborhood in the last year.

“A house becomes vacant and the next thing you know, there’s a moving truck and people start moving in,” said one resident.

They were determined to get Walli out, after seeing him come and go for months They got the owner of the empty house to change the locks, and chain the front door and they got the cops to post “no trespassing” signs.

The guy finally got the message that the neighbors weren’t giving up so he bugged out – probably for another abandoned mansion. Because he can. Because the authorities won’t do anything about it.

Police had opened an investigation into Walli, but now tell us that because he agreed to move out, they did not charge him with a crime.

Authorities tell us that most high-end squatters never get charged.

Kudos to the neighbors. The “authorities” should be taken to the woodshed.


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