Happy Thanksgiving!

Along with Independence Day, Thanksgiving is a true American tradition. While some may try to pervert the spirit of Thanksgiving, this article accurately describes what it’s all about.

It is the most American of holidays. The day when we neither commemorate nor celebrate nor observe anything or anyone. The day we simply go home—if we can and however we can, even if only in our thoughts—and give thanks.

We thank God, as a nation and as individuals.

Yes, “God.” We thank God.

The overwhelming majority of us Americans believe in God, and we thank him this day. In general, we do this unaffectedly and with no ill will for those who may honestly find the thought of a deity troublesome or threatening or amusing or incomprehensible. We leave all the theological details, parsings, and discussions aside on this day.

We simply take stock of our blessings, express our gratitude, and hope that others do too, in whatever way it strikes them. But there’s just no getting around it. A lot of prayers will be offered around a lot of tables on Thanksgiving Day. No apologies or explanations needed. After all, we have been doing this as a people since before we were a nation. Thanksgivings preceded all our other American holidays.

It’s about family, it’s about friends, it’s about giving thanks for the bounty that has been bestowed upon us.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.


And for a look at how the Pilgrims almost blew it, here’s a piece from John Stossel on how Thanksgiving Day almost became “Starvation Day.”


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