Muslim women may get exemption from TSA groping

While the rest of the traveling public suffers nude scans and aggressive groping by the TSA (more here), DHS Secretary Janet “Big Sis” Incompetano is considering exempting muslim women from these invasive procedures (story here). Because, you know, we don’t want to offend muslims. I mean, it’s not like a muslim woman has ever perpetrated a terrorist act before – right? (wrong – story here) No, our fear of being accused of “profiling” outweighs the need to employ real security instead of security theater. This PC-infested lunacy mandates that we randomly single out a little boy for “enhanced” scrutiny (story here) while a muslim woman in a hijab that can hide enough explosives to vaporize a 747 gets a pass.

As the U.S. government retaliates against an American for refusing to allow airport security to grope his genitals, the nation’s Homeland Security secretary considers waving the intrusive “pat-downs” for Muslim women who consider them offensive.

The demand came last week from the politically-connected Muslim rights organization that serves as the U.S. front for the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas. Calling the searches “invasive” and “humiliating,” the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) advises Muslim women wearing religious head covers known as hijabs to reject full-body checks before boarding planes.

Those who are selected for the secondary screenings should remind Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers that they are only supposed to pat down the head and neck and that they should not subject Muslim women to a full-body or partial body pat-down, according to CAIR’s advisory. It further says that, instead of a body search, Muslim women can request to check their own hijab and have officers perform a chemical swipe of their hands.

While Americans are forced to deal with the degrading searches, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is actually considering exempting Muslims as per CAIR’s demands. Madame Secretary confirmed this week that there will be “adjustments” and “more to come” on the issue of Muslim women in hijabs undergoing airport security pat-downs.

For sanity’s sake why not “randomly select” from those who are most likely to be a threat? Wouldn’t that make more sense? Do you feel safer with the TSA groping children, old ladies, and cancer survivors? Do these people really present a security risk?

The terrorists have won…

nun frisk


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