Down in recount, NY Dems “find” two voting machines

In a scene that harkens back to the 2008 senate race between Al Franken and Norm Coleman where supposedly uncounted ballots were found in the trunk of a car (stories here and here), NY democrats, not to be one-upped, have “found” two whole voting machines (story here). Conveniently this comes just in the nick of time as the republican candidate is leading in the recount.

We all have heard of ballots being found in the trunks of cars, and elsewhere during recounts.  In a hotly contested race for the State Senate in New York, Democrats have gone one better, and found two new (and uncounted) voting machines.

Traditionally Republican, the State Senate moved over to the Democrats in 2008, giving Democrats complete control of both houses of the state legislature and the Governor’s office for the first time since the New Deal.

In the 2010 mid-terms, however, Republicans made a comeback, and are on the verge of taking back the State Senate.  This will have important implications for redistricting.

There are a small number of contested races, however.  One of those races is in Buffalo, NY, in which the Republican is leading

Even the democrats are a little embarrassed by this latest “find.” It is, after all, a bit over the top when it comes to election fraud. It will be interesting if this changes the outcome of the race. I wonder if their friends in ACORN and Project Vote will help count these new “finds.” (More on ACORN & Project Vote fraud here)

Senate Democratic spokesman Austin Shafran issued this statement.

“The people of Erie and Niagara Counties deserve confidence in the integrity of the electoral process and to know their vote was fully, fairly and honestly counted. The stunning number of vote count irregularities, software malfunctions, and the sudden and inexplicable appearance of new machines three weeks after Election Day have compromised this process and left too many questions unanswered.

“Despite clear regulations regarding how voting machines are to be handled after the close of polls, new machines continue to appear. Where did they come from? Who had access to them? How do entire machines disappear for nearly 3 weeks in an election this close? The lack of answers to these questions is appalling and casts a cloud of uncertainty that will taint the integrity of the election results if left unanswered.

“The sudden emergence of new voting machines is not all: the technology used to produce and record voting results continues to malfunction; efforts by the private software manufacturer to fix the machines occurred behind closed doors with no oversight; and many functioning machines are producing different figures today than was reported on election night. The utter failure of these voting machines warrants significant scrutiny from election officials and the public.”

Something tells me that this guy will be changing his tune if these two machines put the democrat over the top. Then it will likely be that “finding” these two machines assured the process worked – that everyone’s vote was counted.


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