Insourcing – growing government ever larger

With unemployment hovering near 10% for 14 months we’ve all heard the mantra chanted by the regime – “jobs, jobs, jobs.” Jobs saved or created, jobs funded, and “lives touched.” Statistics show, however, that the real mantra has been “government jobs, government jobs, government jobs.” Since the passage of the regime’s “stimulus” package, 2.65M jobs have been lost in the private sector while the public sector has added 400,000. Is this what VP Joe “Smartass” means when he claims the “stimulus” has worked?

One method employed by the regime to grow government employment is “insourcing” – reducing the role of private contractors providing services to the government (outsourcing). The reason for using private contractors is that they almost always provide better services for less cost. Apparently cost and quality of service are inconsequential when the opportunity exists to add more drones to the government payroll. (story here from the Washington Examiner)

The defense authorization bill, which passed the House on May 28 and which will likely be considered by the Senate during the lame duck session after the election, contains an amendment by Rep. John Sarbanes, D-Md., that would give preference to federal employees “to perform new functions and functions that are performed by contractors and could be performed by federal employees.”

The language mirrors a proposed policy change issued by the Office of Management and Budget on March 31, seeking to define a wide range of tasks as government functions and ensuring that they are performed by government workers rather than contracted out to the private sector.

Insourcing is one of the president’s priorities, dating from the campaign, when he pledged to cut contracting dollars by 10 percent. Union membership is growing only in the government sector, so expanding government jobs is vital to the president’s union base.

One of Obama’s first actions, in March 2009, was to issue a memorandum to department heads stating that “government outsourcing for services also raises special concerns” and that “contractors may be performing inherently governmental functions.”

Previously, federal workers and private sector contractors would bid for jobs, and the lowest bid won. This kept costs down and quality up.

Insourcing not only grows the government but at the same time, reduces private sector employment – especially in the small business sector. A double whammy of sorts. Oh yeah, and it’s a good deal for the (public sector) unions. Ugh.

Sarbanes wants to give federal workers “special consideration” to perform new tasks, and tasks that are now performed by contractors. That means fewer projects up for bid, higher-priced projects, more work for government employees, and less work for small business.

In the real world, that translates into higher deficits and more unemployment.

Already many small businesses are losing contracts because of OMB’s push for insourcing. If amendment language were included in the Senate bill, many more small businesses would lose their contracts.

So, can government drones do a better job? Not bloody likely.

One example is Camp Smith, a National Guard base in Cortlandt, New York, where contracts with local civilian caterers are not being solicited because the provision of meals for the troops is apparently an “inherently governmental function.”

The New York National Guard is therefore not allowing small businesses to bid on all catering contracts, even though they can offer better meals at a lower price.

This means that rather than a lunch cooked on the base by a civilian caterer, troops must eat plastic-wrapped box meals at a higher total cost.

Surely the young men and women who are putting their lives at risk deserve hot meals with salad and dessert rather than prepackaged cold rolls and cans of tuna.

So instead of trying to find ways to increase private sector employment, the geniuses in government are hell-bent on destroying it. No wonder we can’t get out of this recession.

Remember this in November…


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