Worker swept through 1 mile of sewer pipe, survives – Holy Sh*t!

Did I miss something? Is there a remake of The Shawshank Redemption in the works? Could it be that this guy was really rehearsing for the part of Andy Dufresne? LOL! (story here)

A contract worker examining a Raymore sewer drain was swept through the 24-inch pipe this morning — then found alive about 90 minutes later after traveling more than a mile through the system.

A city worker and firefighters heard the 27-year-old man scream for help, popped open a manhole and found him about 9:30 a.m., curled up in a fetal position at the bottom of a 12-foot-deep chamber.

Rescue workers called in an air ambulance to take the critically injured man to a hospital. They loaded him into the helicopter about 10 a.m., nearly two hours after he vanished into the sewer in the 600 block of West Foxwood Drive.

He was suffering from hypothermia, and he may have ingested sewage, said South Metropolitan Fire District Chief Randy Adams.

I feel bad for the guy as this was no doubt a frightening experience, but DUDE! Sorry, this story was just too good to resist…


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