My response to republican fundraisers

Had the opportunity today to respond to two republican party fundraising requests – one by phone and one from chairman Michael Steele via email. I get this crap all the time but I was in a bad mood today and took the time to bitchslap them both. What follows is my response to Michael Steele. My conversation with the guy on the phone was pretty much the same.

Mr. Steele,

This message is to inform you (although I know it will never reach you) that I will not now, nor anytime in the near future, contribute any of my hard-earned cash to ANY republican party, group, committee, PAC, or campaign – NOT ONE RED CENT. I have supported individual candidates to the tune of about $1500 in this election cycle (most, if not all of whom were running as republicans) but I refuse to support the republican party. I received a call from a fundraiser today and let him know in no uncertain terms, my feelings about the republican party.

I was once a proud member of the Republican party but changed my affiliation to Independent at the end of George HW Bush’s term. The republican party no longer exists as far as I am concerned – they have abandoned me and a whole cadre of folks like me. You are finding this out now that the TEA Party is thrashing your ilk in republican primaries. What is it going to take to get you to WAKE THE HELL UP???

We don’t want or need to be a “big tent” party – especially if it means flushing the principles of true Republicans down the toilet. We don’t want a huge federal government stuffed with people whose only goal is to make a career out of politics. We don’t want illegal alien amnesty (hear that John McCain and Lindsey Graham?), government healthcare, green energy policy, and all the rest of the socialist agenda. ARE YOU LISTENING???

The republican party had their best opportunity when they wrested control of congress from the democrats after 40 years in 1994. They started out well and actually kept Clinton pretty much in check. It all went to hell after the election of George Bush in 2000. I actually liked Bush at first because he seemed to have what vaguely resembled a spine. I lost all respect for him and the republican party in the ensuing years when they started spending like drunken sailors (my apologies to drunken sailors who can only spend what they have). Or better yet – like democrats. Wanton spending, feeding from the pork trough, growing the federal government to leviathan size and most despicably, congressional power grabs started this country on the slide into oblivion. President Obama and the democrats didn’t start this mess – they’re just greasing the skids on the sled that the republicans pushed down the hill.

I’m a “show me” person – respect is earned, not frivolously given. If you want a contribution from me, start acting like Republicans. Start listening to Tom Coburn and Jim DeMint. These two men are lonely examples of TRUE Republicans. Start supporting the candidates that beat the RINOs in the republican primaries. STRIP LISA MURKOWSKI of her committee positions and back Joe Miller in Alaska. Support Christine O’Donnel. Go all-in for Linda McMahon in CT. Stop treating the TEA Party like a bastard child – you do this at your considerable risk.

When I see guys like John McCain, Mike Castle, Mitch McConnel, and Orin Hatch I see a party of dinosaurs. I see entrenched, country club, good ole boys who are only interested in retaining power. I don’t see any new ideas or any efforts to move the country forward. This is not what our Founding Fathers had in mind. The mood of the country has turned against you.

My advice to you, Mr. Steele, is to listen carefully in the coming months. There is a tsunami on the way, can you hear it? Do not be tempted to gloat in the aftermath of the 2010 election carnage. The entrenched republicans may win this skirmish but they will most certainly lose when the next wave comes. We are not fools. If you don’t heed the call, the next wave may very well leave the republican party in a bleached pile of dinosaur bones.

I feel better already…


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