AWESOME! Nation’s Largest Machinegun Shoot

Twice a year the Knob Creek Shooting range in (appropriately named) Bullitt County, KY holds what they hail as the Nation’s Largest Machine Gun Shoot. The event, held in the spring and fall, draws almost 15,000 attendees to what can only be described, as my brother would say, as a “stinkin’ awesome” experience. (story here from the Daily Caller)

The three-day even takes place every spring and fall and attracts roughly 15,000 people from all over the country. There are more than 800 vendors selling everything from guns, manuals and parts to military gear, the newest in high-tech defense and even easy-to-use blow guns.

There’s plenty of food at the concession stand and a few kids following their parents around, heads bobbing with giant noise-cancellation headphones. It’s like a county fair, except with firepower. A lot of firepower.

The list of guns that dealers and enthusiasts have brought to the rally is extensive but all serve the same purpose: pure happiness.

Of course there are some folks who think this type of event is attractive only to the lunatic fringe and may even be dangerous. Not really…

Despite all this firepower, the place is safer than a Miley Cyrus concert. Sumner said there are over 200 employees working the weekend-long event. There are more than 10 professionally trained employees carefully conducting and monitoring the shooting at the range. Many of those working security, in fact, are off-duty deputies from the Bullitt County Sheriff’s department.

Deputy Brent Hall has been coming to the machine gun shoot for the past 11 years. He’s working security again and said that in all that time, he’s only arrested five people – for shoplifting.

The night shoot is a spectacular display as participants fire at modified propane tanks which explode in awesome fireballs. You’d swear you were watching an Arnold Swarzanegger movie!

Click here for more “stinkin’ awesome” goodness…


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