Leftists rally – leave behind mountain of trash

If there’s one thing the progressives are very good at, it has got to be hypocrisy – especially when it comes to the environment. You can count on the usual cast of characters, from algore to Prince Charles to Harry Reid, when it comes to preaching one thing and doing another. (more here and here) For decades the environmental and progressive movements have been joined at the hip, preaching “earth first” and “clean energy” touchy-feely propaganda.

If these “progressives” are so concerned about the environment, then why can’t they hold a rally without trashing the place? The very first Earth Day “celebration” produced tons of trash, leaving one photographer to comment:

“The crowds again are often people looking for something to do or have an axe to grind on some other issue. People should practice what they preach.”

Our dear comrade leader’s coronation left behind more than 100 tons of trash – an embarrassment for his environazi buddies.

“More than any Fourth of July, more than any event we’ve seen,” Park Service spokesman William Line said.

The detritus included handwarmer packets, bottles, food, newspapers, blankets, gloves, coolers and a table or two, in addition to items bought from street vendors.

“They left behind Obama hats, Obama bags, Obama socks,” said Mafara Hobson, spokeswoman for Mayor Adrian M. Fenty (D). “People left behind a lot of trash. A lot of it was the vendors along the parade route, too.”

The left demonizes the TEA Party on environmental issues but when they hold a rally, they usually leave the venue cleaner than it was before they got there. (more here) Those dirty Tea Baggers!

The progressives bussed in a bunch of supporters for a “One Nation Working Together” rally on Saturday and they didn’t disappoint when it came to trashing the place. (story here) I suppose you could cut them some slack because this was a gathering of unions, socialists, and communists – not environmentalists. But they’re all on the same side – right?

The liberal “One Nation Working Together” rally in Washington Saturday was a trashy affair — much trashier than Fox News host Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally held at the end of August, at least according to one member of the clean-up crew who worked both events.

As the ralliers began to disperse from the “One Nation” rally around 4 p.m., one thing was immediately clear: the area around the Lincoln Memorial had become a landfill.

Fast food remnants littered the area below the Memorial. Empty water bottles were omnipresent as were discarded stick-mounted signs. The limited park-provided trash bins were almost works of art. The trashcan heaps bursting upwards looked like images of volcanoes caught mid-eruption, to say nothing of the areas surrounding the bins. Pompeii never had a chance.

Perhaps the biggest problem was the pamphleteering. With well over a hundred groups passing out buttons, sign-up sheets, newspapers, pamphlets, flyers, rants and manifestos, it should come as no surprise that a lot of the printed material became sidewalk graffiti.

On a visit to Washington with her daughter, California resident Pam Hewitt didn’t think much of the protestors who left their droppings all over the Mall.

“People … have the freedom of the speech and to assemble and all that, but to leave this much trash behind is just disrespectful,” she said.

Indeed. They came, they bitched, they trashed the place…


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