Taxpayers sponsor anti-Christian art exhibit

As a country founded on Judeo-Christian principles, American society sure has devolved in the last century or so. This phenomenon began with the rise of the “progressive” movement and has accelerated in the last few decades. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the efforts of the “progressives” to not only expunge Judeo-Christian principle and thought from society, but to demonize Christianity itself. While the left worships at the altar of “tolerance” and “diversity,” they are decidedly intolerant of Christians. Their diversity dogma compels them to embrace Islam, a notoriously intolerant religion, while rejecting Christianity. An interesting dichotomy for sure.

A good example of this is the controversy involving the Danish Muhammed cartoons. Most major state-run news outlets refused to publish these cartoons out of “respect” for the muslim community. The progressives vilified the artists for offending muslims (who are permanently offended by everything anyway). Yet these same tolerant leftists see no problem with anti-Christian “art.” In fact, they would have the taxpayers (the vast majority of whom are Christians) fund this offensive so-called “art.” (like this) Your Christian sensibilities be damned.

This story presents yet another example of the progressive tolerance dichotomy. A lithograph that is part of an exhibit at the city museum in Loveland, CO contains a depiction of Jesus Christ receiving oral sex from a man. Nice. Let’s all take our kids to the museum.

An art exhibit that critics say features Jesus receiving oral sex from a man is under fire in Loveland, CO. The artwork is part of an exhibit in the city’s public museum.“It is visual profanity,” said art gallery owner Linda King, in an interview with the Loveland Reporter-Herald. “It disgraces the God of all creation.”

The controversial artwork is part of 10-artist exhibit called, “The Legend of Bud Shark and His Indelible Ink.” The lithograph showing the son of God engaged in a sex act is called, “The Misadventures of the Romantic Cannibals,” and was created by Stanford University professor Enrique Chagoya.

His exhibit also includes Mexican pornography, Mayan symbols and ethnic stereotypes, according to the Associated Press. But it’s a 12-panel lithograph that appears to depict Jesus Christ in a sex act that has locals enraged.

“This is a taxpayer-supported, public museum and it’s family-friendly,” Donna Rice told the Denver Post. She’s also a member of the city council. “This is not something the community can be proud of.”

Family-friendly indeed. Why is it not surprising that the “artist” is a university professor? And why is this douchebag “surprised” by the outcry?

The artist defended his work and said he was surprised by the outcry.

“My intentions are not to offend anybody,” Chagoya told the Associated Press. “The main intention of my work is to express my personal concerns about religious institutions, not about the actual religious beliefs, which I respect.”

The Los Angeles Times weighed in on the controversy, noting that Chagoya is a respected artist who has a history of making provocative art. He’s previously created artwork attacking President Bush, Condoleezza Rice and former Calif. Gov. Pete Wilson.

A “respected artist?” By whom? Respected for creating “artwork” attacking Christians and notables on the right. I see…

The progressives are at risk of having their dogma run over by their karma…


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