Regime claims 200,000 “green” jobs – just ignore the details

Now that the “Great Recession” is officially over (Really? Or so they tell us), the regime kicked off their “Summer of Wreckovery” tour to tell us how they saved the economy. Our dear comrade leader, Vice Premier Joe “Smartass” Biden and other regime apparatchiks, with assistance from the state-run media propaganda machine, have spent copious amounts of hot air congratulating themselves for putting the economy back on track. Jeez, I feel better already – don’t you?

One of the regime’s touted accomplishments is that they have created 200,000 “green” jobs – one of our dear comrade leader’s campaign promises to “transform” America. Hmmm. Given that as recent as March of this year the regime couldn’t define a “green job,” (previous post here) one wonders how all of a sudden, they can claim that they’ve created 200,000 of them.

Buried deep inside a federal newsletter on March 16 was something called a “notice of solicitation of comments” from the Bureau of Labor Statistics at the Department of Labor.

“BLS is responsible for developing and implementing the collection of new data on green jobs,” said the note in the Federal Register, which is widely read by government bureaucrats and almost never seen by the general public. But the notice said there is “no widely accepted standard definition of ‘green jobs.’” To help find that definition, the Labor Department asked that readers send in suggestions.

According to this story (from the Washington Examiner), the regime has apparently been able to define what a green job actually is. Just ignore the details, though.

For months, Republican Sen. Charles Grassley has been pushing the administration to substantiate its claims of having created nearly 200,000 green jobs. More fundamentally, Grassley has asked Labor Secretary Hilda Solis to state clearly what a green job is. So far, he hasn’t gotten an answer.

Now, Grassley has learned that, in lieu of a settling on a straightforward definition of a green job, the administration has adopted an extraordinarily broad description of such jobs that could include not only financial advisers, wholesale buyers, and reporters, but also public relations specialists, marketing managers, and many more occupations that have nothing to do with protecting the environment.

If federal money has created any of those jobs, then the administration can claim to have created a green job.

See how easy that was? They’re all green jobs! SHEESH!

For the administration, Grassley’s discovery is just the latest in a long line of embarrassments on the green jobs front. First there was the controversy surrounding departed green jobs czar Van Jones. Then there was widespread skepticism about the nearly 200,000 such jobs the administration claims to have created. And then there was the unhappiness on Capitol Hill over reports that of $2.1 billion the government has granted for renewable energy jobs, like assembling wind turbines, about 80 percent has gone to foreign companies. The stimulus has created some actual green jobs, but they’re in China.

The promotion of green jobs with stimulus money — a marriage of the Obama administration’s environmental and economic agendas — has been a top priority for the White House since Day One. It still is. Just last month, Vice President Biden traveled to New Hampshire to tout “good-paying jobs, green jobs, jobs that can’t be exported.”

It sounds good. But if you look a little closer into the administration’s claims, you’ll find they literally don’t know what they’re talking about.

Indeed. But what do you expect? We have a regime, headed by a marxist community organizer who has called the private sector “the enemy,” comprised largely (92%) of academics and career bureaucrats with virtually no private sector experience. Thinkers – not doers.


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