Joke of the Day: 10,000 TSA employees to get Secret clearance

TSA Worker

Secret clearance?

The TSA exemplifies the true meaning of government FAIL. (previous posts here, here, and here) Many of the individual employees are at least trying to do a good job. It is the agency itself with its bad policies, mismanagement, and mindless bureaucracy that suffers from government-induced rectal-cranial inversion. The question that should be asked is, “Are we safer with the TSA in charge of airport security?”

According to this story (from the AP), at least 10,000 TSA employees are about to get Secret clearance. Hey, I feel safer already – Ugh.

The new head of the Transportation Security Administration say he’s giving 10,000 of the agency’s employees access to secret intelligence information to better enable them to detect threats and stop terrorists.

John Pistole (PIH’-stohl) told an aviation luncheon that he views TSA as a counterterrorism agency. He said his goal is to get the latest intelligence to all employees who have what he called an “action need” to “inform their judgment and decision-making.”

Pistole is a former deputy FBI director who was confirmed by the Senate as TSA administrator in June. He said he begins each day with an intelligence briefing.

TSA employees with Secret clearance? What could possibly go wrong?


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