Regime spin: Summer of Wreckovery not about jobs

The regime has spent much time, tax dollars, and hot air touting the “Summer of Recovery.” VP Joe “Smartass” Biden has regurgitated the regime mantra that the “stimulus” has worked at every opportunity. Just look at all these jobs that have been “saved or created,” um, er, I mean “lives touched.” The state-run media has also been very helpful in parroting the regime mantra. Unfortunately for the regime, most Americans have not been fooled by all this puffery – especially the ones who are still unemployed. According to this story (from FoxNews), the regime’s newly-appointed “top economic advisor,” Austan Goolsbee says that the regime wasn’t really talking about jobs when promoting the “Summer of Wreckovery.” Really? Then what the hell are they talking about?

Vice President Biden wasn’t talking about jobs when called this the “summer of recovery.” He was talking about construction projects.

That’s the explanation top White House economic adviser Austan Goolsbee gave when asked about the more than 280,000 jobs lost over the past three months.

“The vice president was talking about the summer of recovery in reference to the Recovery Act, that you would see the creation of a series of infrastructure and other projects ramping up over the summer,” Goolsbee said on “Fox News Sunday.” “And you did see that.”

OK, cool – thanks for the clarification. I mean, I thought I heard old “Smartass” touting all the jobs that would be created by spending us further into debt. Maybe I need to have my hearing checked or something. I suppose I shouldn’t wait until obamacare kicks in or it’ll cost me more.

Biden did refer at the time to thousands of construction projects in the pipeline but also to the jobs they would create.

Goolsbee, though, said it would be “unfair” to suggest the “summer of recovery” was undermined by the jobs numbers.

He noted that private sector job growth has been on the rise for most of the year. Part of the reason the overall number of jobs has declined over the past couple months is because temporary census worker positions were phased out.

“There are big negatives from the people temporarily working on the Census, which led to huge positive in the hundreds of thousands (of) job additions earlier in the year followed by negatives as the census workers stopped taking the Census,” Goolsbee said.

Oh right – all those temporary Census workers are losing their jobs. Too bad you counted all those temporary Census positions when you were crowing about employment figures 6 months ago. Overlooked that little detail, huh?

The regime and the majority in congress own this economy. No more blaming Bush and the republicans (who certainly deserve a share) for the mess we’re in. Bush has been gone for 20 months and the republicans lost their majorities in congress in 2007. The fact is that “stimulus” and “Summer of Recovery” are bullshit and the American people know it.

It’s payback time. Remember this in November.


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