9/11/2001 – Never Forget

wtc 9-11

Never Forget

Today is the 9 year anniversary of the deadliest terrorist attack in American history. Almost 3000 Americans lost their lives to islamic terrorists.


Never Forget

Today the spineless bastards on the left and in government will pay lip service to those who lost their lives. Tomorrow they will tell you that a victory mosque should be built at Ground Zero and that islam is a religion of peace.

pentagon - 9/11

Never Forget

Today they will shamelessly pander to the families of the heroic first responders who perished in the line of duty trying to save the lives of others. Tomorrow they will call you racist and islamophobic for opposing the islamic victory mosque and illegal immigration.

palestinians celebrate 9/11

Never Forget - Palestinians celebrate 9/11

And while Bibles and American flags burn in the islamic world, they will tell you that burning the koran is a crime against humanity and an incitement to the deranged and perpetually offended radical islamics.

Never Forget:

The memories of 9/11 families.

The Falling Man.

God Bless America…


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