Governor Chris Christie slices and dices

NJ Governor Chris Christie is certainly an anomaly in the political arena. He actually has a spine! According to this post (by JWF) Christie coolly, calmly, and expertly sliced and diced a teacher who had tried to rant about the governor’s cuts in education. JWF puts it in more colorful language than I:

Nine minutes of pure awesomeness as the Baddest Governor on the Planet lays waste to a smug, self-righteous bitch. This video must be mandatory for any Republican who wishes to carry the conservative mantle. There’s no backing down, no equivocating, he rips her to shreds with the facts, he doesn’t need visual aids to carry on his discussion and he leaves this seahag smoked beyond recognition. Reports are her dentist was called in to identify her remains. She should have known what was coming when Hurricane Christie so casually removed his jacket. I actually felt tingles up both legs.

Here’s the video:

Jeez, I wish this guy would run for president!


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