Dallas to charge $25 for garage sales

Garage sales are a great American tradition. Mrs. Mook, with ever a keen eye for a bargain, loves them. For most people having a garage sale is not about making money, it’s about getting rid of all that stuff you’ve accumulated and pocketing a few bucks in the process. It can also involve some hard work – separating all the stuff and hauling it out to the driveway, putting up signs, dealing with hagglers who only want to give you 50 cents for a $3 item. In the end the best most can hope for is to get rid of their junk and get a few dollars for their trouble.

If you live in Dallas, the few dollars you make on a garage sale may just end up going to the city – you know, for the privilege of holding a garage sale inside the city limits. (story here) UGH…

Two Dallas City Council members have proposed charging a $25 fee next year to anyone who wants to have a garage sale in city limits.

City managers have floated the idea of charging $5, as a way to help balance next year’s tough budget.

Council members Delia Jasso and Dwaine Caraway upped the ante today in a memo to City Manager Mary Suhm.

“We recommend the fee should be $25,” the memo said.

Jasso and Caraway estimate the fee could bring in $500,000 next year, and they recommend the money go toward senior dental services, cultural affairs programs, graffiti removal and animal services.

I’m not sure how they estimated the $500,000, but I think one relevant question is: will the number of garage sales go down significantly if a $25 fee is attached? Will that decrease the revenue estimate?

This is just another example of government idiots strong-arming the taxpayer. Rather than cutting spending on frivolous bullshit, they find ways to bleed the citizenry for more money. People who come up with these types of ideas need a sound ass kicking.

I just happened to catch Mark Steyn for a few moments on the radio yesterday. He was talking about something he called “The Alliance for Non-compliance.” He will discuss it more today (sitting in for Rush Limbaugh) and I will try to catch it. Essentially the idea is that you should resist asinine money grubbing government policies like this garage sale fee. Just don’t pay it. What are they going to do? Lock you up? If a majority refuse to pay, the policy basically becomes unenforceable. Sounds like a great idea. It’s about time we stand up to this sort of government boot-to-the-face…


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