Senator Lisa Murkowski term limited by TEA Party favorite

Joe Miller

Joe Miller

Score one for the good guys! RINO republican senator Lisa Murkowski (AK) has conceded to TEA Party backed challenger Joe Miller in the Alaska republican primary. (story here from the AP) Murkowski, appointed in 2002 by her father (Frank Murkowski) to fill out his term after being elected governor, was heavily supported by the national republicans. Joe Miller, a relative unknown, was endorsed by Sarah Palin and the TEA Party.

Backed by the Tea Party Express and Sarah Palin, a little-known conservative lawyer from Alaska became the latest newcomer to the national political stage to take down an incumbent in 2010.In arguably the biggest political upset of the year, Joe Miller claimed the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate when incumbent GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski conceded Tuesday evening.

Miller’s win was a major victory for the tea party movement and marked the first time it had defeated a sitting senator in a primary.

Tea partiers had knocked off Utah Sen. Bob Bennett at a state convention in May, and emboldened organizers now have their sights set on Delaware, where they are backing Christine O’Donnell against the more moderate Rep. Mike Castle in the GOP Senate primary.

Miller, 43, told The Associated Press by phone late Tuesday that he’ll campaign this fall on transferring power and control over resources from the federal government to Alaska and the other 49 states.

Murkowski has been part of the old boy, country club GOP establishment of big government, big spending political hacks who are squarely in the sights of the TEA Party. This takedown is huge, folks. It demonstrates that these career bureaucrats are vulnerable and so is the national republican party which continues to demonstrate that they still don’t get it.

This also illustrates one very important point: We can and eventually will take back this country. There is hope.


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