Communism in America – The Livable Communities Act

Wouldn’t it be great if we just let the government dictate where and how we can live, work, shop, play, and commute? We wouldn’t need to make any of those difficult decisions because some government apparatchiks would do it for us. Utopia at last. That is the purpose of the “Livable Communities Act,” brainchild of corruptocrat Chris Dodd (D-CT). This marvelous piece of shit legislation recently cleared the senate Banking Committee on a party line vote. (Article here from the American Thinker)

While cap-and-trade grabs the most attention, equally threatening is the euphemistically clever “Livable Communities Act.”  Masked with feel-good rhetoric and lofty concepts like “smart growth” and “sustainable development,” the Livable Communities Act is top-down central planning aimed at changing where we live and work and how we travel.  It will be overseen by bureaucrats in the Environmental Protection Agency, Housing and Urban Development, and the Department of Transportation and implemented through local governments.

The Livable Communities Act exemplifies the progressive idea of strategic diminishment — success is measured by the reduction of certain outcomes from today’s standard.  This is different than reducing outputs such as carbon emissions and pollutants, which are already declining and can be better addressed with affordable technologies rather than social engineering.

But social engineering is at the heart of the Livable Communities Act where federal planners hope to reduce personal mobility as measured in vehicle miles traveled and shift housing patterns from single family homes in the suburbs to small apartments in cramped central cities.

Great. No longer shackled to the onerous decision-making processes of every day life, we can all live in peace and harmony knowing that there’s some beneficent government drone to do this for us. Individualism? Who needs it? Freedom of choice? The government knows what’s good for you.

This quintessentially middle class version of the American Dream has long been derided by elites and environmentalists who recast suburbs as wasteful sprawl and liken automobile use to a destructive addiction.  They want to de-legitimize this land use pattern, restrict automobile use and make suburban housing less affordable.  The Livable Communities Act is thus a hammer in the progressive toolbox.

Absent from their advocacy is any acknowledgment that cars and suburbia are not just expressions of freedom but indispensible contributors to our prosperity.  For example, automobiles enable us to access more goods and services, forcing businesses to compete by offering higher quality and lower costs.

If you’ve ever driven past one establishment to get a better deal at another, you’ve personally benefited from mobility.  When tens of thousands of people do this within a metropolitan area, they are fueling the creativity and innovation necessary in a market economy.

As I was reading this I’m thinking, have we really gone so far down this path of total government control? Can this really happen in America?

The threat to our mobility is but one aspect of the Livable Communities Act that deserves resistance.  Property rights, private enterprise, and affordable home ownership are also threatened under this command-and-control legislation, despite the clever catchphrases that soften its message.

Defending the right of every citizen to maximize their potential and pursue happiness on their own terms makes opposition to the Livable Communities Act necessary.  Our country is exceptional for the simple reason that her people do not accept diminishing returns on the American Dream.

We need to take America back from the political ruling class. They have long forgotten that they work for us – not the other way around. I will fight things like this to my last breath.


One Response to “Communism in America – The Livable Communities Act”

  1. I bet you wish george bush was still president now

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