Missouri voters slap down obamacare in landslide vote

Fresh on the heals of a federal court upholding Virginia’s lawsuit against the individual mandate provisions of obamacare, the voters of the “Show Me” state overwhelmingly passed Proposition C, which amends Missouri law to deny the individual mandate. (story here from Gateway Pundit) Since the passage of obamacare, at least 20 states have started procedures to challenge the unconstitutional individual mandate.

All eyes were on Missouri today. The Show Me voters were voting for or against the new federal health care law.
Missouri showed Obamacare the door.
FOX KC reported:

Election officials are hoping the heat won’t keep people from getting out to vote. One of the hottest races in Missouri is Proposition C. It’s an issue that is getting a lot of attention across the country.

All eyes will be on Missouri’s Proposition C results because it’s the first time voters in the country vote for or against the new federal health care law. Basically Proposition C would create a state law against federal mandates requiring people to buy health insurance.

Missouri’s top U.S. Senate candidates are divided on the measure. If passed, it will will reject part of the new federal health care law. Republicans Roy Blunt and Chuck Purgason both support Proposition C. Democrat Robin Carnahan plans to vote against it.

This is a challenge that will undoubtedly end up in the Supreme Court. While it is narrowly focused on one provision of obamacare, the voters will have ample opportunity to reject those who voted for this massive boot-to-the-face come November. That’s when the real challenge starts.


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