Senator “skipper” to pay up

After being “swiftboated” by the Boston Herald (more here) for trying to avoid Massachusetts taxes on his new yacht, senator John “Skipper” Kerry (D-MA) spent the next four days being hounded by the local media. The story went viral on the Web and even the national media picked it up. All this was apparently too much for the beleaguered senator who now says that he will pay up – so now everybody can shut up about it. (story here from FoxNews)

Sen. John Kerry has told the Massachusetts Department of Revenue he will pay all the taxes due on his new $7 million yacht despite basing the vessel in tax-free Rhode Island .In a statement Tuesday to The Associated Press, the Democrat said, “The payment is being made promptly.”

In his statement, Kerry says, “Whether owed or not, we intend to pay the equivalent taxes as if the boat’s home-port were currently in Massachusetts.”

When asked about the yacht yesterday at a local event Kerry said ” We have always paid our taxes. There is not an issue.  Period.”

“Whether owed or not?” Jeez, what a guy! You’re going to pay up because, well, you’re just tired of all the questions and insinuations about you being a hypocritical tax cheat. Good. Happy sailing, skipper…


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  1. […] it becomes easy to forget the little things – like paying taxes. Just ask Charlie Rangel or “Skipper” Kerry how difficult it is to comply with tax laws (they wrote) – especially when you spend so much […]

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