Our dear comrade leader is just “one of us” – yeah, right…

You gotta love it when one of the elite ruling class claims to be just an “average Joe.” You know, someone who “understands” what the rest of us are dealing with day to day. Someone who has worked hard to eke out a moderately successful career with a comfortable life. Someone who navigates the minefield of life and deals with the daily bullshit. Yeah, that guy – the American taxpayer.

This story (from the AP) is a sop-laden dose of pablum that will make your stomach turn. Our dear comrade leader is pushing his collectivist, marxist agenda by trying to pawn himself off as just an “average” guy. The AP, of course, gives him a pass on this bullshit.

To show how well he understands life’s daily struggles, President Barack Obama likes to tell the tale of a regular guy who has been out of work, coped with college loans, endured a fatherless childhood and longs at times to just escape.He’s talking about himself.

Never mind the limousine, the butlers and the presidential jet Obama has now. Or the Ivy League degrees and the millions of dollars in book sales. The leader who lives in an executive mansion is fond of reminding people he is one of them: a parent who is not so far removed from economic struggles and family juggles.

“Anybody who has been out of work — and by the way, I’ve been out of work — knows that feeling you get when you’re out of work,” he told an audience in Iowa. “It’s not just because you’re worried about paying the bills. It’s because a job is about meeting one’s responsibilities and taking care of one’s family.”

In search of the right face to humanize his plans and policies, Obama is not shy about using his own — and his wife’s and his kids’. It is a natural move given his life experiences, including a childhood in which his dad was not around and his mom turned to food stamps at times when her salary wasn’t enough.

But Obama’s “I-get-it approach” is also a political strategy to align himself with the frustrated masses whose support he needs. The degree to which people believe their president understands their problems has a direct effect on his agenda and his ability to get elected again.

Hmmm. Here’s a guy who, despite having a tough childhood (to hear him tell it):

  • Graduated from Columbia University
  • Graduated from Harvard with a law degree
  • Worked in the private sector for 1 year
  • Got a position at Univ. of Chicago Law School to work on his first book
  • Spent 7 years in the Illinois senate
  • Spent 2 years (of campaigning for president) in the US senate
  • Was elected president after only 2 years in the senate

Sounds like the career path of an average Joe to me.

“If you look at him, you see somebody who’s relatively young, who hasn’t served in Washington for that long,” said Obama’s spokesman, Robert Gibbs. “The truth is, he’s just not that far removed from a life in which he worried about repaying college loans or worried about the health care of his children.”

No, Mr. Gibbs, he’s about as far removed from the average American as you can possibly get.



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