A trifecta of “Smart Diplomacy” FAIL

Incoming Secretary of State Hilary Clinton promised a new age of “smart diplomacy” – as opposed to, I guess, dumb diplomacy. How has that worked out? Not so well… This story (from the NY Times) is a trifecta of lunatic multiculturalism, British payback, and Iroquois Confederacy arrogant stupidity. All equaling a “smart diplomacy” FAIL.

For a few hours on Wednesday, the Iroquois national lacrosse team thought its passport brouhaha had been resolved, thanks to a one-time waiver from Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton clearing the way for it to travel to the world championships in England using tribal documents instead of United States passports.

But later in the day, the British government was said to have refused to grant visas to the team, even with Mrs. Clinton’s waiver, a potentially decisive setback for the team.

“We are deeply disappointed, and urge our friends and supporters to reach out to the British government to seek reconsideration,” Chief Oren Lyons of the Onondaga Nation, one of the six nations that make up the Iroquois Confederacy, said in a statement.

So the State Department bent over backwards and offered to expedite US passports for the team. Unfortunately, the tribal idiots didn’t like this idea either.

The U.K. Border Agency said in a statement that the British government would welcome the Iroquois team, but only if their players “present a document that we recognize as valid to enable us to complete our immigration and other checks.” The statement did not discuss the letters issued by the State Department, and a spokeswoman declined to elaborate. Until Wednesday morning, when Mrs. Clinton authorized the waiver, State Department officials had noted that federal law does not allow a tribal document to be used in lieu of a United States passport for international travel. (Security is one reason: The Iroquois passports are partly handwritten and do not include any of the security features that make United States passports resistant to counterfeiting.)

What the State Department did offer, however, were expedited United States passports for the team and its 20-person entourage. The Iroquois refused to accept them, saying that traveling to an international competition on what they consider to be a foreign nation’s passport would be an affront to their sovereignty.

Hey fellas, the Indian Wars were over more than 100 years ago – you lost. Don’t you think it’s time you joined the rest of us in the 21st century?



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