Wanna live like a king on the dole? Move to England

Britain has long been known for being generous with “benefits” to the poor. The working stiffs pay huge taxes (50% in London) while a huge underclass lives nicely on their backs. This article (from the Daily Mail) describes just how nicely.

A family of former asylum-seekers from Somalia are living in a £2.1million luxury townhouse in one of Britain’s most exclusive addresses at a cost to taxpayers of £8,000 ($12,000) a month.

Abdi and Sayruq Nur and their seven children moved into their three-storey property in a fashionable area of London last month because they didn’t like the ‘poorer’ part of the city they were living in.

Mr Nur, 42, an unemployed bus conductor, and his 40-year-old wife, who has never worked, are now living in Kensington despite the fact that they are totally dependent on state benefits

Awesome! Living free in a $12,000/mo. apartment – plus getting all the other “benefits” (welfare) that go along with it.

Mr Nur said his former five-bedroom home in the Kensal Rise area of Brent, which cost £900 ($1,350) a week in housing benefit, was suitable for the family’s needs but he said they had felt compelled to move because they did not like living ‘in a very poor area’ and were unhappy with the quality of local shops and schools.

He said he found the new house through a friend who knew the landlord, arranged to rent it through an estate agent, then approached officials at Kensington and Chelsea council who said ‘it would be no problem’ to move.

Rules allow anyone who is eligible for housing benefit to claim for a private property in any part of the country they wish.

The £2,000 ($3,000) per week is paid directly to Mr Nur and his family, who then pay their landlord.

Three grand a week? That must be a totally awesome crib. And they’ve got it decked out pretty nicely too, of course.

The family’s three-storey property, which dates from the 1840s, has five bedrooms, two bathrooms, a fully fitted kitchen and a garden.

The family’s living room, which boasts a large bay window, is dominated by a 50in LG flatscreen TV. It also has two large black leather sofas, two elaborate rugs and lush houseplants.

All courtesy of the British taxpayers. Here’s a family that was no doubt living in a tarpaper shack in Somalia before hitting the welfare state jackpot. This is the type of idiocy that makes a mockery of welfare state policies and threatens the economic survival of England.


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