Pelosi: “unemployment checks fastest way to create jobs” – Huh? WTF?

<Cue Twilight Zone theme>

Space alien (and Wicked Witch of the West) Nancy Pelosi was at it again with yet another jaw dropping, logic defying, let-them-eat-cake statement. (story here)

Unemployment benefits are creating jobs faster than practically any other program, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday.

Talking to reporters, the House speaker was defending a jobless benefits extension against those who say it gives recipients little incentive to work. By her reasoning, those checks are helping give somebody a job.

“It injects demand into the economy,” Pelosi said, arguing that when families have money to spend it keeps the economy churning. “It creates jobs faster than almost any other initiative you can name.”

Pelosi said the aid has the “double benefit” of helping those who lost their jobs and acting as a “job creator” on the side.

“It’s impossible to think of a situation where we would have a country that would say we’re not going to have unemployment benefits,” Pelosi said.

With unemployment benefits already extended to 99 weeks (almost 2 years), the dems are seeking yet another extension to last through the 2010 elections. (How conveeeeenient) Of course, since this is a crisis, they don’t propose any way to pay for this (you know, to conform to their PayGo rules) – just add it to the taxpayer debt tab.

Extending unemployment benefits, incentives for people not to work, to “create” jobs is yet another example of painfully twisted logic that emanates from the minds of these aliens. Meanwhile the private sector continues to hemorrhage jobs as proof that the government “stimulus” is working.

No wonder the people’s support of congress is at 20% and falling. The wonder is that it is actually that high…


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