Benefits of AZ Immigration law – invaders retreating

Arizona started a political and cultural shitstorm with their recently-passed Illegal Immigration legislation. With news that the Justice Department is ready to file a lawsuit against Arizona (more here) and rumors that the regime might issue blanket amnesty via Executive Order (fiat), there have already been some positive results for the citizens of Arizona. Fearing the new laws, many invaders are voluntarily leaving the state. (story here from CNSNews)

There is no official data tracking how many are leaving because of the new law. “It’s something that’s really tough to get a handle on numerically,” said Bill Schooling, Arizona’s state demographer. “It’s not just the immigration bill. It’s also employer sanctions and the economy. How do you separate out the motivating factors?”

But anecdotal evidence provided by schools and businesses in heavily Hispanic neighborhoods and by healthcare clinics suggest that sizable numbers are departing. Ignacio Rodriguez, associate director for the Phoenix Roman Catholic diocese’s Office of Hispanic Ministries, said churches in the area are also seeing families leave.

Priests are “seeing some people approach them and ask for a blessing because they’re leaving the state to go back to their country of origin or another state,” he said. “Unless they approach and ask for a sending-off blessing, we wouldn’t have any idea they’re leaving or why.”

If they can’t get a job, rent an apartment, get a driver’s license, or send their kids to school, they will self-deport. Kudos to the state of Arizona for doing the job the federal government refuses to do.


One Response to “Benefits of AZ Immigration law – invaders retreating”

  1. The feds haven’t done a damn thing. They talk a bunch of retoric but ignore the issue. If this gets the fire lit under their pork barrel spending, self-gratifying behinds – good. If not, hopefully the ‘criminals’ entering the US will go elsewhere. I’m tired of budget cuts brought on by the medical care and education of the children of people who aren’t paying a penny in taxes. My grandchildren are suffering.

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