Opposed to obamacare? Govt will prove you’re racist, or something

In an effort to sell the already-passed, massive boot-to-the-face obamacare, the federal government is funding a “study” to prove that opponents are motivated by…um, er, race or something. That’s right, race. <sigh> (story here via DC Caller)

If you think $50,000 doesn’t buy what it used to, think again. For that rough sum, a professor at UCLA has agreed to draw up a report that proves opponents of the Democrats’ health-care bill aren’t motivated by a sense of fiscal responsibility or a general distrust of back-room deals, but by race.

The kicker? Taxpayers are funding the study.

According to the study’s abstract, provided by the National Science Foundation, a government agency under the control of the executive branch: “This research project attempts to provide further evidence for this Obama-induced racialization by pinpointing the extent that health-care opinions are influenced by racial attitudes and determining Obama’s causal role in racializing public opinion about a policy that has no manifest racial content.”

I thought the election of our dear comrade leader was supposed to push America across the racial divide; that he was a “healer”; that he was a uniter, not a divider; that his anointment was the beginning of “post racial” politics. Funny how all that has changed. How the mere act of disagreeing with the regime’s policy is proof of racism.

The fact that this regime is playing the race card is not particularly surprising. Up until now, it has mostly been doing so indirectly through talking points for the state-run media and left wing blogosphere. This scenario is an indication that the regime is willing to directly inject race into an issue where race is not a factor. Sad…


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