Our dear comrade leader’s “Lifestyle Health Modification” mandate

With historic levels of public anger and distrust aimed at congress, most Americans show little understanding of the fact that the legions of bureaucrats and apparatchiks in the executive branch have far more influence in shaping policy that affects our daily lives. With little congressional oversight, the various “czars” and commissars in the current regime are working behind the scenes to “transform” society through regulation and executive fiat. This is the exclusive domain of our dear comrade leader who has empowered a cadre of marxist academics, lobbyists and career apparatchiks to carry out his transformative agenda. Most of this goes on under the radar – unreported by a fawning state-run media.

One of the more recent examples of this onerous process was the designation of CO2 as a dangerous pollutant by the EPA. (more here) By declaring CO2, one of the most common gasses found in the atmosphere, a pollutant, the EPA is now free to enact pernicious regulations on almost all business activity – at tremendous cost to consumers.

Another of the more ridiculous examples of regime policy is the “Healthy Food Financing Initiative,” which will spend $400M taxpayer dollars to bring supermarkets and healthfood stores closer to “underserved” (poor) neighborhoods. (more here) This is supposed to mitigate the problem of “food deserts” where a neighborhood is more than a mile from a supermarket. (like mine, which is 2 miles from 2 major supermarkets) Right away I can see a problem with this. For one thing most, if not all, supermarkets won’t allow you to buy booze, cigarettes, or lottery tickets with your Food Stamp card like the bodega around the corner does.

This post reports another policy announcement that you probably didn’t hear about – a lifestyle “health modification” program established by Executive Order (fiat).

Last week, with little fanfare, among the ever deteriorating oil spill crisis, the White House quietly noted the issuance of an executive order “Establishing the National Prevention, Health Promotion, and Public Health Council”, in which the president, citing the “authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America” is now actively engaging in “lifestyle behavior modification” for American citizens that do not exhibit “healthy behavior.” At least initially, the 8 main verticals of focus will include: smoking cessation; proper nutrition; appropriate exercise; mental health; behavioral health; sedentary behavior; substance-use disorder; and domestic violence screenings. Eventually we fully anticipate that the program will also target such wholesome activities as screening for precious metal holdings, monthly minimum usage of available revolving credit (and a minimum threshold thereto) and the susceptibility of an individual to stay current on one’s mortgage. Additionally, the president will establish yet another Advisory Group, composed of “experts” picked from the public health field, and one which tracks the successful uptake by the US population of the precepts for a better functioning society that the president deems important. Cosmo culture has just been adopted by the White House, where Big Brother is now in the business of counting calories, and soon, your bars of gold.

While the author engages in some inspired sarcasm, it is clear that this is just more Nanny Statism foisted on you by the current regime. Of course, whatever funding deemed necessary to carry out this assholery will be provided by the US taxpayer. BOHICA, folks…


2 Responses to “Our dear comrade leader’s “Lifestyle Health Modification” mandate”

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