Boycott BP? For what?

Neal Boortz is spot on with this post on the call for a boycott of BP by career race pimp Jesse Jackson. One has to wonder if this insidious toe fungus has somehow found a racial angle to the Gulf oil spill. And a boycott of BP will accomplish exactly what?

Can someone please tell me on what level of insanity a boycott of BP makes sense? A few things to consider:

  1. The Deepwater Horizon oil drilling rig did not belong to BP. It belonged to a group named Transocean.
  2. At the time of the explosion there were 126 people working on the Transocean rig. Only 8 of them were BP employees.
  3. The vast majority of BP stations – the targets of the boycott – are privately owned by small businessmen. The employees of these stations are not employees of BP.
  4. What sense does it make to, on one hand, try to starve BP of money while, on the other hand, demanding that they pay the costs of the cleanup? This line of thinking could only make sense to someone like Jesse Jackson.

So what happens when you boycott your local BP station? First, you do little, if anything, to actually cause any financial harm to BP itself. The people you do hurt are the local businessmen who own and operate the stations and your neighbors that they hire. If your idiotic boycotts are successful all you are managing to do is to put people in your own community out of work. Tell you what … after you spend an afternoon picketing your local BP station, why don’t you contact the owner and ask for the name and address of one of the employees he has laid off due to a decline in business. Stick your nifty little “Boycott BP” sign in your trunk and then drive on over to talk to the laid-off employee. Perhaps you can ask him or her how they are going to pay the mortgage until they’re back at work. Maybe you can offer to bring over some food every once in a while. You might even offer to cover some medical bills … being the concerned, liberal American that you are. Or … I guess you could just tell them that their hard times serve them right since they were working in the evil private corporate world instead of doing what every true, concerned red-blooded American should be doing … getting a government job.

Exactly. But what can you expect from a bunch of idiots who voted for a marxist, America-hating community organizer with virtually no experience in the real world?


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