Doctor Zero: On the table

Once again my favorite commentator, Doctor Zero, serves up another delicious stew of common sense, sharp wit, and rapier-like sarcasm. This post, titled “On the Table,” outlines all the things that should be discussed by our dear comrade leader’s “deficit reduction commission.”

Some grim humor could be found earlier this week, in the spectacle of the President’s “deficit reduction commission” going over budget and running out of money.  The entire premise of the commission is absurd.  The deficit is not the problem.  It’s a symptom. The disease is government spending.  No administration or Congress dominated by Democrats has any chance of diagnosing this disease, let alone treating it effectively.  There is some chance the Republicans will do better, but only if we keep on top of them.

There are just too many good things to quote in this piece. Please read the whole thing…


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