Hey Indiana, America needs your governor

Mitch Daniels

Mitch Daniels - the man with the plan

This is a long, but very interesting piece on Indiana governor Mitch Daniels by Andrew Ferguson at the Weekly Standard. It chronicles a man who gets things done, who was able to keep the state on an even keel during the economic downturn, and who has endeared himself to Hoosiers of all stripes.

When Mitch Daniels ran for governor of Indiana in 2004, a friend and videographer got the idea of filming the candidate in vidéo vérité style as he traveled around the state in his Indiana-made RV. In both his campaigns for governor—in 2004, when he won a close race, and in 2008, when he won reelection against the Obama tide in an 18-point landslide—Daniels visited each of Indiana’s 92 counties at least three times, appearing in places that hadn’t seen a statewide candidate in generations, or ever. If he wasn’t riding the RV, he came to town on his custom-built Harley Davidson, a solitary aide trailing behind.

It’s a pretty amazing story of a guy who certainly should run for president in 2012. According to this post (from HotAir), he just might.

Glenn Beck often spends his television time praising Calvin Coolidge, one of the quieter and more modest American Presidents of the 20th century.  Are we ready for another man of quiet mien as a presidential candidate?  Three months ago, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels stopped denying interest in running for the top job, and as Politico’s Andy Barr reports, a recent Weekly Standard profile has people considering the two-term conservative swing-state governor as an antidote for incompetence:

With a Wall Street Journal op-ed, an admiring Weekly Standard cover story and an upcoming Washington high-dollar fundraiser, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels is slowly stepping into the 2012 presidential spotlight, even as he insists he isn’t looking to run.

In a wide open field, the GOP governor’s name keeps popping up despite the fact that — unlike many other potential candidates — he hasn’t aggressively promoted himself. Daniels hasn’t recently visited Iowa or New Hampshire, and his name isn’t always surveyed by national pollsters looking at the prospective field.

Daniels, however, has a following among those Republicans more focused on budget cuts than abortion and attracted to business acumen rather than ideology.

Mitch Daniels gets things done. He’s not an orator – he’s a doer. This is the kind of man we need to lead the country. Not some America-hating, Marxist community organizer.


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