Dems nominate “perfect” candidate in SC senate race

This is hysterical! In Tuesday’s democrat primary for US senate (to oppose Jim DeMint), a relative unknown won, which shocked party officials. What they weren’t prepared for was that it appears their candidate has a rather unsavory past – in other words, he’s their perfect candidate. (story here) LOL!

A day after an unemployed veteran shocked South Carolina’s Democratic establishment by winning the U.S. Senate primary, party officials were still scratching their heads: What happened?

Alvin Greene, 32, didn’t raise any money. He didn’t have a website. And his opponent was a relatively better-known former legislator, Vic Rawl, who had already planned fundraisers for the fall general election.

Greene was considered such a long shot that his opponent and media didn’t even bother to check his background. If they had, they would have discovered he faces a felony obscenity charge after an alleged encounter with a college student last fall.

Democrat party officials have asked Greene to step aside but he’s refusing to do so. And he can’t be compelled by law to leave.

Charged with disseminating, procuring or promoting obscenity, Greene could face up to five years in prison. He has yet to enter a plea or be indicted, and neither Greene’s attorney nor a woman listed as the victim immediately returned messages.

South Carolina state law prohibits convicted felons from serving in state office. Felons can serve in federal office, although the U.S. House or Senate could vote to expel any member deemed unfit to serve.

If elected, which is a very long shot, he should have no problem skating through Reid and Pelosi’s bogus Ethics Commission. Hell, if he can get elected with a pending felony charge, they’ll probably welcome him with open arms.


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