The senate’s secret bills

This YouTube video is a MUST WATCH. Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC), one of the very few in congress with even a modicum of probity, had some pretty shocking revelations about how the senate does business. (story here from American Thinker) According to DeMint:

“But I think it is important that America know what we’re talking about here. At this point in the Senate 94 percent of all the bills are passed unanimous consent. 94 percent. So this is hardly a lack of productivity, and what this means is that 94 percent of the bills that pass the Senate have no debate, no vote, no amendments, no reading of the bill, no online disclosure, and very often, no score from the Congressional Budget Office.

“When I first took over the Steering Committee, one of the things I learned real quickly, is that whenever we’re having a break, if we’re going for a week like we’re going this week, on my way to the airport, I would get a call from staff telling me there were dozens of request to pass bills unanimous consent, cause they knew we were all going out of town. And a lot of them had some pretty big price tags on them.

“Folks, you don’t get $13 Trillion in debt when you’re doing things right. And part of the problem is that 94 percent of the bills that pass the Senate, pass in secret. The problem is not secret holds, it’s the secret passing of bills, when very often we don’t even know who’s requesting bills. And if we didn’t have staff available at night when they run their so-called hotlines, which means the phone in your office rings, they ask if you will agree to pass a bill, you haven’t read it, you don’t know what it costs, but if you don’t agree to pass it by unanimous consent, you are holding the bill.

DeMint should be applauded for bringing this to light. He rightly takes both democrats and republicans to task for this unconscionable behavior. To think that these public “servants” can pull this kind of crap, then tell their constituents that they’re doing the work of the people is the highest form of hypocrisy. How much longer can we afford this type of representation?

Remember this in November…


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