Kindergartener suspended for thinking about bringing knife to school – WTF?

This story is yet another example of total lunacy in government school “zero tolerance” policy. The depth of stupidity here is absolutely mind-boggling.

A kindergartner was suspended for “intent” — finding a knife and thinking about taking it to school, even though he decided not to.

Josh Bejerano, 5, showed CBS 5 News the bush where he and his friends found a pocket knife Thursday morning on their way to school.

“It was in that bush right by that house,” said Josh.

The kindergartner briefly put the knife in his backpack, but thought better of it and put it down.

“It was a bad idea, bringing the knife. It could hurt somebody,” said Josh.

The small knife remained in the park, well off of school grounds.

But when the other boys started talking about it at Harmon Elementary, Josh was called into the principal’s office, and ultimately suspended. He was sent home on Thursday.

“The principal told me that he was suspended for his intent to bring the knife to school. He didn’t actually bring it to school,” said Marc Bejerano, Josh’s father.

Suspended for “intent?” Intent??? What in the bloody hell is THAT all about?

CBS 5 News called Principal Chris Lineberry, who referred the station to the superintendent. But shortly after CBS 5 News started to investigate, the principal reversed his decision and told Josh’s parents he would be allowed back to school on Friday, the last day of the year. It was also his kindergarten graduation.

But Josh’s parents said they still weren’t satisfied.

“He said he refused to apologize. He would not apologize at all,” said Bejerano.

However, while CBS 5 News was in the middle of an interview with Pack, another phone call came from the school to Pack’s phone. It was the Lineberry again.

“He said he wanted to apologize. He said if he knew that tomorrow was Josh’s kindergarten graduation, he wouldn’t have suspended him from school,” said Pack.

Oh, so the fact that the next day was the kid’s kindergarten graduation somehow changes his intent?

Too bad we don’t have “zero tolerance” policies for moron government school administrators. This principal should be publicly horsewhipped, then fired.


2 Responses to “Kindergartener suspended for thinking about bringing knife to school – WTF?”

  1. Right you are. I still like the horsewhipping part, though…

    Thanks for the comment.

  2. In my opinion, this principal Chris Lineberry should not be in ANY public school position.
    “The depth of stupidity here is absolutely mind-boggling.” And this Lineberry is at the top of STUPID!! He is like a school yard bully picking on small kids…..Let’s see how well he would do with someone his own size. REMOVE LINEBERRY and never hire him again for any position in public schools!

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