Lavish spending on IRS facility in MA

Not to worry, taxpayers, the IRS is not going to allow a bad economy to deter them from providing a comfortable (and “green”) work environment in Massachusetts. The “stimulus” is allocating $80M to a $92M project to renovate the Andover IRS center. (story here from the Boston Herald)

The $92 million renovations at the IRS compound in Andover will include a reflecting pool, an art gallery, indoor gardens, a 7,000-square-foot cafeteria and an amphitheater, but it remains unclear what new permanent jobs, if any, will come to the center.

The Herald reported last month that the IRS received $80.5 million in stimulus funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act for “green upgrades” to the 400,000-square-foot complex.

Nice. I’m sure those of you who are working in a cube farm in some nondescript building are glad that you can provide these government drones with such a lavish workspace.

Levi said the upgraded building will have have room for 2,000 employees, more than double the 900 that work there. About 1,400 employees were laid off last year because an increase in electronic tax submissions meant fewer workers are needed to process paper returns. The remaining employees serve primarily in customer service at the IRS call center.

“Customer service” at the IRS call center – that’s where you can call with tax questions and flip a coin on whether the answer you get is actually correct. At least you’ll know that the “customer service” rep is in a comfortable and spacious environment.

Last month, critics blasted the project as a “boondoggle,” saying the $92 million would have been better spent fixing roads, bridges and dams. Supporters said renovating the site would be an incentive for bringing permanent jobs there.

Yes – an incentive for bringing permanent government jobs there. We taxpayers are glad to forgo better roads and bridges so that we can have more government drones in comfortable (and green) work sites.



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