Federal employees face no consequences for stealing from taxpayers

This is an ongoing saga that I have posted on before. (more here and here) According to this story, employees of the Federal Protective Service charged thousands of dollars to Government Purchase Cards for personal items and faced no consequences after getting caught. So in addition to higher pay and benefits than the average private sector employee, federal government workers have an additional perk – government charge cards. Nice…

Most employees caught stealing from a company would expect to be fired, forced to return what they took or worse. But a group of government employees accused of going on a massive shopping spree with taxpayer money have yet to face any disciplinary action.

During an 18-month period while the Federal Protective Service was moved from the General Services Administration to the Department of Homeland Security, employees spent thousands of government dollars on everything from clothing and flat-screen TVs to gym memberships and tuition payments, according to the General Services Administration inspector general’s office.

But two referrals to federal prosecutors have resulted in no criminal charges in the case, The Washington Times reported Monday.

Investigators said the 21 employees hid more than $100,000 worth of “unauthorized” purchases made with government cards in 2003 and 2004 by not logging them into the computer system that processes the agency’s financial transactions.

After the findings of the five-year investigation into the matter were revealed in September, three employees resigned, four retired and five employees faced possible reprimand. No action was taken against nine others, the Times reported.

Here’s a report (GAO-CCAbuse) from 2008 that illustrates how bad the government purchase card situation really is.


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