Andrew Cuomo running for NY governor

Democrat NY Attorney General Andrew Cuomo proclaimed announced yesterday that he is running for governor. Without a primary challenger, the career bureaucrat and political apparatchik will likely become the next governor. (story here from AP)

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo declared his candidacy for governor Saturday, delivering a full-throated call for political reform and pledging to make the notoriously dysfunctional state government more accountable to its citizens.The announcement by Cuomo to seek the governorship once held by his iconic father, Mario Cuomo, had been widely expected. The Democrat disclosed his candidacy in a video released on his website before appearing before supporters later in the day.

Cuomo made the announcement on the steps of the Tweed Courthouse in lower Manhattan, named for the leader of the city’s corrupt 19th century Tammany Hall political machine. Cuomo said he did so because “Albany’s antics today could make Boss Tweed blush.”

“Enough is enough,” Cuomo declared. “It’s time the people of the Empire State strike back.”

Cuomo promised to cap the state’s property taxes, which are among the highest in the nation, and to consolidate local governments and create a more favorable environment for job growth.

That’s rich – a career bureaucrat calling for “political reform?” What kind of “reform” can we expect, Andy? Of course, the AP’s slavish puff piece on Cuomo didn’t include anything like this:

Though America’s financial fortunes suffered after Cuomo’s time at HUD, his own personal fortune soared. The bulk of this financial “windfall” came courtesy of Andrew Farkas, the billionaire real estate developer who helped Cuomo amass his wealth as a business partner and campaign fundraiser. Farkas — now Cuomo’s financial chairman as he circles the governorship — has personally given Cuomo at least $1.8 million in cash.

As New Yorkers are beginning to discover, Andrew Cuomo personifies the long reach of many at the top of the Democratic Party who built their fortunes on the mortgage bubble and the sub-prime collapse, but have yet to be tarred and feathered as architects of the nation’s worst housing crisis.

Cuomo’s hypocritical call for “reform” is just a play on the current mood of the taxpayers. Unfortunately, without any viable opposition, this douchebag will likely cruise to victory. The voters of NY deserve better.


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