This is how government “creates” jobs

Almost 10 years ago the “geniuses” in Baltimore city government announced a huge biotech project that they said would create 8,000 new high paying jobs. Naturally the citizens were excited. So, what happened to this project? (story here from the Washington Examiner)

In 2001, when Mayor Martin O’Malley announced that an 88-acre biotech park would be part of a new $12.8 billion redevelopment project north of Baltimore’s Johns Hopkins Hospital, city residents had every reason to cheer. City development officials insisted that the new research park would create 8,000 high-paying jobs and help rebuild Baltimore’s dwindling middle class.

A decade later, just one lab building has opened, construction on the others are on indefinite hold, and the non-profit East Baltimore Development, Inc. admits it has not placed even one worker in a biotech job.

“Biotech is not as promising as it was 10 years ago,” explained EBDI CEO Christopher Shea. He now wants to use the site for restaurants, a grocery store, a coffee shop, and a health club to cater to the 30,000 employees at Hopkins’ medical center. All of which, it should be noted, will create low-paying service jobs, or the exact opposite of what Baltimoreans – and state and city taxpayers – were led to believe.

Cheryl Washington, EBDI’s director of community and human development, told Capital News Service that since 2004, the company did find jobs for 1,964 people. But they weren’t the biotech ones initially promised; they were at Burger King, McDonald’s, and various warehouse and construction sites with an average pay of just $10.52 an hour.

Why do we continuously accept this type of failure from our government? When will it change? Remember this in November…

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