“Vietnam vet” liar Blumenthal update

Pegged for lying about being a Vietnam vet in the NY Times, CT democrat senate candidate Richard Blumenthal held a press conference to claim that he “misspoke” about his military service – more than once. Apparently he confused the terms “during” and “in.” Uh huh. (story here from AP)

Trying to defuse a crisis that could give the GOP a powerful opening, Democratic Senate candidate Richard Blumenthal said Tuesday that he “misspoke” in claiming more than once that he served in Vietnam, and he dismissed the furor as a matter of “a few misplaced words.”

At a news conference where he surrounded himself with veterans, the Connecticut attorney general and far-and-away front-runner to replace retiring Democrat Christopher Dodd said he meant to say he served “during” Vietnam instead of “in” Vietnam. He said the statements were “totally unintentional” errors that occurred only a few times out of hundreds of public appearances.

Apparently there another bit of irony to this story. According to this (from Gateway Pundit) at least one of the veterans surrounding Blumenthal is another military service liar.

Democratic Senatorial Candidate Richard Blumenthal held a presser today after it was discovered that he lied about serving in Vietnam. (He also lied about being captain of the Harvard Swim Team.) So, Blumenthal went before the press along with some former military men and supporters. It was a great show. Maybe tomorrow the swim team will join him on stage?Unfortunately, one of the democratic supporters on stage with him lied about his military service, too.

Free Republic reported–
Blumenthal’s military buddy on stage is William Joseph Trumpower, aka Elliott Storm, a POW HALL OF SHAME

Nice. Blumenthal is a shameless douchebag. Seems like our political system is full of these types.



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