AZ tourists to San Diego – screw you, we’ll go somewhere else.

One of the first bombthrowers in the war against the state of Arizona was the city of San Diego. While they didn’t officially institute a city boycott, the school district did (story here) and several local groups trotted out the obligatory accusations of racism and Nazism. (more here) Well, it appears that at least some Arizonans might just take their tourist dollars elsewhere. (story here)

San Diego tourism leaders and hoteliers fear they could lose a sizable chunk of business this summer from valued “Zonies” who are so angered by elected leaders’ recent censure of Arizona for its illegal-immigration law that they’re mounting an informal boycott of their own.

The San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau and several hotels report receiving e-mails and letters from Arizona visitors saying they intend to change their plans to travel here in light of local outcry over their home state’s anti-illegal-immigration stance.

Tourism officials are striking back. In an open letter, they urge Arizona residents to overlook local politics and come to San Diego just as they always have for its mild climate, beaches and attractions. The visitors bureau, in conjunction with the San Diego County Hotel-Motel Association, plans to circulate the letter to media outlets and in advertising this weekend in The Arizona Republic.

According to the article, San Diego receives about 2 million visits from Arizonans each year. Maybe the morons who blasted Arizona should have thought of this before they opened their pieholes. Maybe they should have read the bill first – after all it’s only 10 pages.

Charles Holladay, manager of the Ramada Plaza in Mission Valley, noted that as much as 50 percent of his summer business originates in Arizona, and he already has received a cancellation from a regular customer.

“I understand the City Council was being passionate about their politics, but I don’t think they thought it through,” Holladay said. “If it negatively impacts hotel revenue, it impacts the transient occupancy tax, and that goes right into the general fund, so they’ll have less money for their programs.”

San Diego Councilwoman Donna Frye said she believes some Arizona residents are acting out of a misunderstanding.

“The City Council did not pass a resolution boycotting Arizona, and I would hope that the good citizens of Arizona understand that and will continue to visit San Diego,” Frye said.

Well, Councilwoman Frye, your city openly expressed its hostility towards the “good citizens of Arizona.” Why should they continue to spend their vacation dollars in a hostile environment?

If the good citizens of Arizona are looking for a good vacation spot, we would certainly welcome them here in Jacksonville.


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