It’s not illegal to be an illegal alien in Massachusetts

Federal law enforcement and immigration officers recently arrested several individuals suspected of aiding Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad. Two suspects were arrested in the Boston area and are being held on immigration violations. At a recent press conference in Boston, the question of why so many illegals gravitate to Massachusetts was brought up. The answer was pure comedy gold. (story here from the Boston Herald)

The attorney general, “Marsha” Coakley, was a no-show, but she’d already answered the question a few weeks ago on Worcester radio station WCRN.

Marsha, why are so many of these illegal aliens invading Massachusetts?

“Technically,” she replied, “it is not illegal to be illegal in Massachusetts.”

That’s one of the people Deval said had been briefing him on the “probe.” Whew – good to know, we have people who are serious about this problem. Back to Deval at the press conference.

“Two people in Massachusetts are in federal custody.”

But the bigger problem was, he wouldn’t say what they were charged with: immigration violations. See, the governor doesn’t like to talk about illegal aliens, especially when they’re committing crimes, as opposed to just being illegal, which Marsha Coakley says is not illegal.

Huh? Given that the Boston City Council just voted to boycott Arizona over its passage of new immigration laws, it certainly presents a conundrum for them.

Arrested in Watertown – will the Boston City Council vote to boycott Watertown next?

The second suspect was lugged at the Double Tree in Allston – that’s Boston. Does this mean the City Council will now have to bocyott itself?

Deval was playing the most unlikely role of his career, assuring everyone that he was on top of what might be a terrorist probe, although of course he would never use the “T” word.

Perhaps Coakley’s position that it’s not illegal to be an illegal alien in MA explains why our dear comrade leader’s illegal alien aunt has been living on the dole in Boston since being deported several times over the past seven years.



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