The government’s phoney cancer scare

In an effort to create yet another crisis to justify more government control, the President’s Cancer Panel released its report on “Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk.” Even the NY Times found that the government was “overstating” the risks of “environmental” causes for cancer. (story here)

The verb “overstating” doesn’t go half far enough, but coming from theTimes that’s still pretty damning. The report was a collection of conjecture, unrelated factoids and, more than anything, a shrill call for more: more government, more studies and, of course, more money. Even the American Cancer Society found it a bit over the top. From the Times:

Dr. Michael Thun, an epidemiologist from the cancer society, said in an online statement that the report was “unbalanced by its implication that pollution is the major cause of cancer,” and had presented an unproven theory — that environmentally caused cases are grossly underestimated — as if it were a fact.

When a cheerleader for big government like the NY Times notices an aura of bullshit, the real bullshit factor must be somewhere around eleven (on a scale of ten).

If the president’s Cancer Panel wanted to evaluate the risks that chemicals might represent to human health, they could spend the rest of their lives poring over the piles of data that we already have. But, reports like the Cancer Panel’s aren’t really about cancer or even about protecting human health. They’re about giving the Obama administration another excuse to expand the reach of big government even further into our lives.In this case, even the Times could see at least partially through this latest, laughable effort to accomplish that goal. It’s the silliest example so far of Obama’s “scientific experts” delivering hysteria where hysteria is wanted, but it’s sure to be far from the last.

Remember – never let a good crisis go to waste…


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